Easy Pool Maintenance

If you don’t have the time to care for your pool or just don’t want to, we can help! Our pool maintenance programs are designed for pool owners who place a high premium on time and the family budget. We are a full service, maintenance and repair company specializing in residential pools & hot tubs. Our personnel are professionally trained and tested to insure that you receive quality service …every time.

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Pool Water Maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Pool Repair

You can keep your pool water in perfect running shape with our Water Care Plans. With multiple plans to choose from, there is perfect plan for everyone. Premium Pool and Spa has many water care options available to help you keep your water crystal clear. Aside from having the highest quality water care products available, we also have the latest technology in water testing! Bring a sample of your hot tub or pool water to our stores for FREE Water Testing, which will tell you how balanced it is, when to change it and how to keep it balanced.