Hot tub cover baffles

We offer a Full Hinge Seal (Baffle) upgrade to protect your spa cover from heat loss which occurs from the centre seam of a cover. Without this useful extra seal, it is like having a 3/4″ gap down the centre of your hinge between the steam pockets.

We recommend purchasing this full baffle upgrade when ordering your custom hot tub cover in our Build a Cover process. This helps prolong your spa’s life and protect your hot tub cover against moisture/water
absorption that will reduce the R-value of your hot tub – which doesn’t reflect well on the monthly energy bill!

And always make sure your hot tub cover straps are secure, otherwise your efforts to protect against water-logging may be in vain.

We offer the following baffle options:

End Baffles Only / Steam Stopper. ($0) Acts to reduce evaporation with seal pillows that are strategically positioned.

Full Length Centre Baffle. ($44.95) Acts as an energy-saving upgrade to cut heating costs, the Full-Length Baffle spans the entire void between the two halves of the spa cover. This option effectively eliminates heat loss through the hinge, reduces spa heating time, and pays for itself by saving energy dollars all year.