Hot Tub Cover FAQ

Cover manufacturers do not stock the cover I want! Why is that?

There are hundreds of different spa makes, models, and variations in existence today. Not only do hot tubs have different shapes and sizes, but hot tub owners like yourself also want specific colours and styles for their covers. It would be impossible to stock pre-constructed covers for all the different tubs out there, in every variation and colour.

That is why we custom-build your cover to the dimensions you provide, and in the colour and style you select. We pride ourselves on having the best custom service in the business!

My hot tub came with my house. I don’t know the make or model and I don’t know how to contact the original owners. Is there any way I can find this information out?

Many tubs are constructed with what is referred to as a “Wharnock-Hersey” (CSA/ETL) label. It can be found at or near the “spa pack” (the spa’s equipment computer, near the pump and heater). It might even be on the “door” of the cabinet. On the label you should find the manufacturer’s name, the serial number of the hot tub and often the model number as well.

My cover isn’t old, yet the liner on the underside is bleaching out. What’s happening?

Make sure to leave your cover off the hot tub for several hours after “shocking” the water (gassing off is highest after shocking). If you are having this issue and you aren’t using bromine you might want to consider it as chlorine off gasses at a higher temperature than bromine.

How can I tell when my current hot tub cover needs replacing?

The most obvious sign that it’s time for a replacement hot tub cover is when the foam of your old cover gets heavier as time goes on and it becomes harder to remove. The small air spaces in the cover’s foam can eventually fill with moisture due to steam from the tub and become waterlogged. If your old hot tub cover is getting too heavy, and becomes a struggle to lift (even with a cover lifter), it is time for a new cover.

Create a longer lasting cover when you order a custom hot tub cover from us! We start with a 3 mil vapour barrier protection with your purchase, but you can add additional layers of vapour barrier, or add features such as a full length baffle upgrade to keep heat from escaping from the centre of your cover.

How and when should I clean my spa cover?

Cleaning your hot tub cover is an important part of hot tub maintenance. Routine maintenance can help prolong the life of your hot tub cover. The vinyl should be cleaned with a mild, soapy solution rather than a detergent, as harsh cleaning products can actually remove some of the top coat off the vinyl.

Wipe the vinyl down a couple of times per month, or as needed. The inside of the zipper area should also be cleaned (at least twice a year), as this is a perfect hiding place for mildew to form over time.

Do you have a storefront?

Yes, we have a physical storefront open to the public, however most of our cover business is done online and we ship daily throughout Canada via Loomis.

Do you have spa covers in stock?

Each hot tub cover is custom-made to your hot tub’s measurements; therefore, we don’t keep covers in stock, as they are made-to-order.

How do I ensure I’m ordering the right size?

We can often obtain measurements using the hot tub manufacturer’s make and model number however backup measurements are important to ensure you order the right cover. Manufacturer will sometimes reuse a model name and change the specifications slightly from year to year, which may cause slight variations in the cover sizes.

What if my hot tub or spa has an irregular shape?

Many hot tubs are standard shapes. Our Build a Cover allows you to choose the shape, colour, and more when you order your custom cover!

Is your website secure and safe for orders?

Our website is secured by GoDaddy. Premium Pool and Spa cannot see any of your credit card information (except for the last four digits of your credit card and the type of card that was used to make your purchase), and we do not store this information once your order has been processed. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Do you accept orders outside of Canada?

Currently, Premium Pool and Spa only sells and ships covers within Canada.

How do you ship hot tub covers and how long does it take?

Your cover should arrive in 2 to 5 weeks, depending on demand (which can be seasonal for this type of product). We use Loomis, and you will receive a tracking number so you can track the delivery online through the shipping provider’s website, and can be assured that your hot tub cover will be safely delivered to your door.You will receive an email from us once your cover is ready and has been prepared for shipping.

Rush production within 5 business days can be accommodated for only $39.95, depending on seasonal demand. Your custom hot tub cover will be built within 5 days and then delivery time will depends on your location – approx. 2-6 days. Note: This does not include shipping time.