Hot tub cover liners

We offer three choices of cover liners to match your cover needs and budget.

The life of the under liner is harder than the life of the top vinyl which is exposed to the elements 365 days/year. The under liner lives in a dark, 100% humidity, chlorinated (typically) environment. Over years, the chemicals will begin to eat through the vapour barrier, causing the cover cores to water log and fail. When the cover is closed the steam hits the cover, which is cooler than the steam, and condenses back into water. The under liner on a hot tub cover must allow this condensation to drip back down into the spa water, where the chemicals can again kill any bacteria, etc.

Our basic Liner ($0) Comes in black only.

Our reflective Liner ($14.95) This Energy Reflective Liner will help reduce heat loss by acting like a reflective mirror for radiant heat.

Our deluxe chemically resistant Liner ($29.95) This tough attractive poly woven liner is our most attractive and durable liner.