ClearRay Purification

Premium Pool and Spa is excited and very proud to announce a water purification system called ClearRay™. This water purification system is patented by Jacuzzi® and is exclusive to the Jacuzzi®  brand. The ClearRay™ water purification system works by:

  • using natural, ultraviolet light to sanitize your hot tub water
  • as soon as your water passes through the ClearRay™ system, 99% of all bacteria is destroyed and clear, clean water is pushed through
  • the ClearRay™ water purification system also works faster than most other systems available on the market

ClearRay™ is eco-friendly so you will use 50% less chemicals than you would without ClearRay! That’s a lot less chemicals for the environment and for your body.

This system is fabulous for those with allergies to chlorine and bromine and it’s completely odorless. All you need to do for maintenance is to change a bulb once a year which your control panel on your hot tub will remind you of when it is time to be replaced!

The ClearRay™ water purification system now comes standard on all Jacuzzi models. But not to worry, if you have an older hot tub but want to have the ClearRay™ system for your benefit, you are always welcome to come on down to Premium Pool and Spa in Kelowna or in Vernon and purchase the ClearRay™ aftermarket kit. It can be installed on any hot tub model since 2006. Just call us and let our fabulous service technicians come by and install it for you!

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