Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, Jacuzzi are the best rated hot tubs and exceed the standard in energy consumption. All Jacuzzi hot tubs are made with a full-foam insulation using a TriFusion shell and foam insulation to help you conserve energy. The SmartSeal® ™ insulation is a factory installed option and is perfect for colder climate regions. With the SmartSeal® ™ insulation, you will see up to 25% energy usage reduction and it reduces operating noise and keeps the tub safe from moisture and mould.  It is also environmentally friendly being made from recycled blue jean material!

Our ProEndure cover is made with Sunbrella® ™ material that is made for weather conditions and last longer than traditional vinyl covers. The inside of the cover is made with a 2lb foam density and heat seal gasket which reduces heat and moisture loss and therefore saving you money!

In our J-400 series, the J-1000 control allows you to control energy costs by personalizing your heating and filtering cycles to your specific use of the hot tub. And all of the Jacuzzi circulation pumps transfers the motor heat to the water which in return reduces the energy usage and your costs! Also the heaters feature a titanium heating element which is ultra low watt density and energy conserving.

All of the lights used in the hot tubs are LED so they produce more light per watt and last longer than typical incandescent light bulbs.

See the chart below to see how Jacuzzi has become the best rated hot tubs in energy efficiency:

Monthly KWh Used
Monthly Cost
Daily Cost
30 min. every day
356 kWh
20 min every other day
156 kWh
Keeping the tub to temperature only
64 kWh

Monthly and daily costs are calculated based on 8 cents per kilowatt hour. Kilowatt useage is based on a Jacuzzi ®J-335 hot tub (240-volt, 30-60 amp.) set at 102 F. Costs will vary based on usage, ambient temperature, local kWh costs, user selected set temperatures and filter cycles.

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