Pro Clarity Filtration

ProClarity Filtration
proclarityfiltrationOur newly designed filter cover grill with integrated skimming weir and leaf bag keeps the water surface clean. Under the grill you’ll find the pending ProClarity filtration system with our exclusive micro-fiber hourglass design that works up to 7 times faster than standard filters.

A sophisticated, yet simple, advanced filtration process helps maintain the water’s purity with fewer chemicals and less maintenance than other hot tubs.

The ProClarity Filtration system will operate with your hot tubs circulation pump and provide industry exclusive water filtration and features a two-stage design.

Stage-One: Industry Proven Cartridge Filter, removes larger particles.

Stage-Two: Jacuzzi®developed innovative Depth Load Filter, enabling it to remove even the tiniest of particles.

The J-495, J-425 and J-415 also feature the new ProClarity grill with a floating weir and leaf bag to keep large debris from returning to the hot tub. ProClear™ Water Management System is included on the J-480, J-470, J-465 and J-460 hydro pump side of the filtration system. This proven system features the ProClear Skimmer, ProCatch Bag and ProClear Pleated Filter. ProStream™ Circulation system cycles 35 gallons of water per minute, filtering up to 50,000 gallons of water per day.

ProClarity™ Filtration system comes as a standard in J-400™ Collection Spas.

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