How to have a romantic time in a hot tub

Add a few vases filled with your lover’s favorite flowers around the tub to create a romantic environment. Ensure their placement won’t restrict your ability to safely get in and out. Create a romantic invitation to enter the tub and sprinkle a trail of rose petals from the entryway up to the steps or ladder of the hot tub. Even
though candles or lights might be romantic, avoid any mood lighting that uses electricity due to the hazard from being around water.

Prepare a platter of your date’s favorite finger foods. If you aren’t a master chef, stop by your favorite restaurant or local bakery for a few appetizers to satisfy your love’s sweet tooth. For added romance, place a few pieces of chocolate on the plate.

Set out a few of your special someone’s favorite beverages in tall champagne flutes or wine glasses. Even if champagne isn’t your drink of choice, consuming water or orange juice in a fancy glass contributes to the luxurious and romantic feel of the evening. Always choose a plastic glass in case someone drops a drink in or around the hot tub.

Set out two luxurious terrycloth bathrobes and towels next to the hot tub. Nothing says relaxation and romance like the feel of a soft robe or bath towel before and after you enter the hot tub. Place a single rose on the stack of towels before your love arrives at your romantic oasis.

Give each other a massage as you relax in the hot tub. Because your muscles are already warm and relaxed from the flowing water, the hot tub is perfect for intensifying this state of relaxation by gently rubbing your partner’s back or neck.

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