Is more better

Generally speaking more is better, but is it always?

When shopping for a hot tub one of the factors that you will be evaluating are the number and size of the massage jets.

Basically the more holes or jets that you have in the hot tub and the larger the holes or jets are, the more horse power you need to push enough water through to give you a decent massage.

A good rule to follow is that on average, with averaged size plumbing, you should have about 12-15 mid size jets for every horse power your pumps have, given that you have efficient plumbing.

So if you see 80 Jets on a hot tub that only has a 3-4HP pump, there won’t be a lot of pressure coming out of those jets. Then again, if you need a huge pump or pumps to get adequate flow you will feel it on your hydro bill.

The next thing that you need to consider, is whether the jets in the hot tub that you are shopping for are the right size and in the right location to maximize your hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi has revolutionized the industry with extremely efficient plumbing and just the right jets in the right places to give you the best massage ever!

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