aWhether you are an existing home-owner, a new home-owner or you are designing your dream home and you’re looking to create an aesthetic, relaxing environment to escape the summer’s heat, or you just want to entertain family and friends… let us at Premium Pool and Spa show you how we create swimming pools without hassles, worries or frustrations and help you create the backyard you’ve always dreamed of. A place where your family loves to congregate and you can entertain your loved ones and friends. Premium Pool and Spas is dedicated to providing the Okanagan swimming pool designs that lead our customers to say, “Wow!”

Premium Pool and Spa are constantly being referred to friends and neighbours because of the fact that- “they [Premium Pool and Spa] did, what they said they would do.” We were honest and our customers knew they could trust our recommendations and us.

“At Premium Pool and Spa we believe in Quality”

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