Jacuzzi® J-300™ Style


J365_3qtr_2016_720x479_72_RGBBy the company that invented the world’s first portable hot tub, imagine the difference a Jacuzzi® J-300™ Portable Spa will make in your life. Find a place of solitude while relaxing in your J-300™ Spa Series or soak up the enjoyment from your spouse, family and friends while being encompassed by warm hydrotherapy!

Enjoy a spa-quality massage delivered by the abundant adjustable hot tub jets of a Jacuzzi® FX10 Therapy Seat. Enjoy the feeling of water flowing over your shoulders from a Water Rainbow® waterfall.

Enjoy the beauty of the ProLight® LED lighting, the kids will love it! Relax in the the new ProAir® Lounge seating while being surrounded and massaged from head to toe by the PowerPro® Jets.  All the while, resting your head on the comfortable and adjustable pillows.  The J-300™ Portable Spa Series will take you on a relaxation vacation right in your own back yard!  Look no further!!

Take a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub “wet test” at the Premium Pool and Spa store or request a brochure and contact us to learn even more about the J-300™ Portable Collection and other Jacuzzi® spas. With all the innovations we’ve engineered, Jacuzzi® spas will make you rethink hot tubs.

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