Hot Tub Rentals

Perfect for celebrations, events and personal therapeutic needs for short periods of time, Premium Pool and Spa provides luxurious hot tubs available to rent!

We Deliver, We Set Up, You Enjoy.

We need someone to be present at the time of drop off to access water/hydro. After we roll it in, we generally use your garden hose faucet to fill the hot tub. All our hot tubs are sanitized before each use. Once it is filled, we provide you with a custom box filled with chemicals and sanitation accessories, a filter and a cover to insulate the heat. We do not leave until the tub is primed and heating.

We do not require that you be present at the time of pick-up. We use a large hose to drain the tub far from your house, usually into the sewer grate outside the residence. (the water from your hot tub is not harmful to your lawn, plants or driveway)

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