An Original Endless Pool wide enough for two, our Dual-Propulsion system lets two swimmers take on two swim currents, each with its own independent controls to vary the pace.

  • A romantic swim for two
  • A family pool to accommodate everyone’s schedules
  • Side-by-side swim challenges to satisfy your competitive streak

If any of these would suit you, then you want the Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool.

Used by the contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser for eight seasons, this model can be upgraded with one or two underwater treadmills for added fitness functionality.

Many swim schools and physical therapy practices favor this option as it allows coaching/rehab opportunities for multiple clients at the same time. Residential customers choose a Dual-Propulsion model when frequent multiple users are anticipated.

Endless Pool Swim Spa Warranty



Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool Specifications:

  • 13′ x 14′ to 16′ x 16′ swimming area
  • 39″ standard water depth, 45″ & 51″ optional
  • Modular steel construction
  • Two 5-hp swim current generators with wireless remote control
  • 21″ x 16″ water outlet grill
  • Reinforced acrylic water flow and conditioning system
  • Poolside digital systems control
  • High-efficiency circulating pump
  • Skimmer filter (removable-cartridge type)
  • 4-kW electric heater
  • Two 30-amp power supplies required
  • Many options available (covers, copings, treadmills, etc.)