Jacuzzi® J-575™ Seats 5-6

PowerPro Jets: 53

Dimensions: 91 in X 91 in X 37.5 – 42 in

Spa Volume: 445 gal

Whether you want to set a relaxing, romantic or fun atmosphere, the unique details of the J-500™ Collection make it easy. Multi-color lights behind dual redesigned waterfalls fuse sight and sound. Fiber optic ProEdge™ lighting technology on the inside perimeter make your hot tub glow soft white or in vibrant LED colors. And the weatherproof Curvalux™ exterior that mimics the tight weave of designer outdoor furniture, along with the architectural exterior corner lights, make the J-500™ Collection as much of a design piece as it is a dynamic hydromassage experience.

Features & Options

Indulge in the eye-catching elements, inspiring technology and advanced hydromassage of the J-500™ Hot Tub Collection. Showcasing the most impressive exterior and lighting elements, featuring the greatest massage variety available in any collection, and rivaling hot tub technologies with a glass touch-screen control technology, you’ll never look at hot tubs the same way again.

J-500™ Design

Mirrors high-end furniture with a dual high-back design and exterior corner lighting set in a durable Curvalux™ cabinetry. Two waterfalls cascade over ProEdge™ interior illumination for ambiance and beauty.

575lgJ-500™ Lounge

A RX Lounge Seat with hip jets, touted as one of the best feeling seats in any collection, features RX Jets that knead key muscles and nerves to relax the upper and lower back. And, exclusive jets for achy hips, strained wrists and to relieve leg and foot tension give you a full-body hydromassage.

J-500™ ProTouch™ Glass Control and ProLink™ app

A full-color, water-proof glass touch screen control rotates for easy access both inside and outside the tub. It also connects with the ProLink™ app to help you stay informed of the status of your hot tub, schedule maintenance reminders and adjust temperature and jet functions.

CLEARRAY® plus 5-stage filtration

CLEARRAY® utilizes the same UV-C technology that beverage manufacturers, municipal waste water plants, hospitals and other health care environments use without producing or adding gas, chemicals, or other by-products to the water as a result. Learn More. And a 5-stage water filtration system achieves the cleanest water in the shortest amount of time by utilizing five-stages: ProClarity® Filter, ProClear® Filter, ProCatch™ Filter Bag, surface skimmer, and a pleated filter.

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Seating Capacity 5-6
Dimensions 91 in X 91 in X 37.5 – 42 in / 231 cm x 231 cm x 91.44 cm
Average Spa Volume 445 gal / 1,685 liters
Dry Weight 898 lbs (407 kg)
Total Filled Weight 5,446 lbs (2,470 kg)
Pump 1 North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)
International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 bhp*)
Pump 2 North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)
International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 bhp*)
Circulation Pump Yes
Diverter Valves 0
Water Purification System ClearRAY®
Filtration ProStream™ Circulation Pump, ProClarity™ Filtration System w/ Grill, Skimming Weir and ProCatch Bag + ProClear™ Pleated Filter
Filters 1 – ProClarity™ Depth Load Filter, 1 – ProClarity™ 40 Sq Ft Filter, 1 – ProClear™ 60 Sq Ft Filter
Electrical North America 240VAC 60Hz 30A/50A/60A
Electrical International 230-240VAC 50Hz 20A


Total Jets 53
PowerPro® FX Directional 2
PowerPro® NX2 6
PowerPro® PX 8
PowerPro® FX 6
PowerPro® FX Large Rotational 6
PowerPro® FX Rotational 14
PowerPro® RX 6
PowerPro® MX2 5

platinum_0 silverpearl_0 opal_0 monaco_0
Platinum Silver Pearl Opal Monaco
desertsand porcelain_1 midnight_0
Desert Sand Porcelain Midnight


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Silverwood Roasted Chestnut