ProLink™ puts the power to control your hot tub in the palm of your hand, whether in your living room or on the road. Using your smartphone device, you can operate and adjust the functions of your Jacuzzi® J-500™ Collection hot tub, including adjusting the water temperature, turning on jets and scheduling water care operations.

Heat up your hot tub on your way home from work. Set your hot tub to eco mode to reduce energy consumption when you are out of town. Or, schedule and adjust filter cycles based on hot tub usage.

ProLink® is not only convenient, it can help keep your J-500™ Collection hot tub running newer longer. From alerting you and your local dealership when errors occur on your hot tub so you can respond with quick preventative services to reminding you when it’s time for maintenance tasks such as changing your CLEARRAY® bulb or water, ProLink™ makes caring for your hot tub easy.

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