Why families love hot tubs

As tough as it is to find time for yourself these days, it can be a real challenge to get family members together to relax, reconnect and just hang out. It’s rare to find an activity that’s liked by everyone, from the kids to grandma. A big hot tub can change that scenario. Whether you’re having fun at a backyard gathering or enjoying a solo relaxation session, big hot tubs offer big benefits to families.

Adults love to relax. Put the kids to bed and steal a few moments in your Jacuzzi® hot tub together. Relaxing together in warm water is said to make it easier to share romantic thoughts.

Kids just want to have fun. It’s been shown that children who share in outdoor activities are likely to develop the habit of staying active. Mom and teens relaxing in the warm water, dad cooking at the grill, little kids playing nearby… a big hot tub can be the focal point of a healthy, family-centered lifestyle.

Teens feel comfortable here. Big hot tubs, small hot tubs, no matter the size, a hot tub can remove the obstacles (computers, video games, cell phones) to communicating with your teens.

Older adults need spa therapy. For seniors and people with arthritis and other ailments, hot tub therapy can provide relief and promote better health. Roger H., a J-365™ Jacuzzi® hot tub owner from Chesapeake, VA writes that his “wife has rheumatoid arthritis, foot and leg cramps. I have degenerative joint disease in my lower back. We are both still active. The hot tub helps ease the pain and relieve stress. We’re enjoying our Jacuzzi® as one of the best health investments we’ve made!”

Friends like to visit. You don’t need the excuse of throwing a party in your large hot tub. Friends will enjoy dropping by for a relaxing soak and conversation. Large hot tubs from Jacuzzi® feature plenty of seating so everyone can settle in for an effective jet-driven massage.

Everybody enjoys a big hot tub gathering. There’s a good feeling with big hot tub parties and casual family get-togethers. “We [also] host parties for friends, family and co-workers who enjoy it a lot. Even the guests who don’t use it still gather around it, instead of the patio, because they prefer the ambiance more,” writes Donna L. of Grandview Heights, OH, a J-365™ Jacuzzi® hot tub owner.

There are so many reasons why families love hot tubs. A hot tub session is a great way to break from the routine of the day and let go of worries. Let a Jacuzzi® hot tub create a welcoming spot for communicating, bonding and just having fun in your backyard.

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